Why You Cannot Ignore SEO On LinkedIn In 2017

The online presence of your business, be it for recruiting employees or getting hired, requires an easy-to-approach platform. LinkedIn has proved itself to be a reliable and credible platform for magnifying your online visibility and sustaining your online presence. The competition is increasing in the virtual markets.

Your LinkedIn profile is optimized on Google based on its algorithms. However, very few people are aware of LinkedIn’s internal algorithmic process of optimizing the profiles.

According to Forbes, telecommuting is the future of employment. In January 2017, the salary of a virtual assistant was recorded to be $15-$16/hr, which is almost equal to the salary paid to the assistant in the office. However, the perks of working from home are not ignorable now.

Your LinkedIn profile can land you a job that pays you more than an office-based job. Here is why you cannot ignore SEO on LinkedIn in 2017.

Virtual Jobs are Taking Over the Sky of Employment

The introduction of freelancing established the trend of virtual offices. Today, many businesses allow working from home policies to ensure productivity and the presence of their employees, even if they work from another continent.

Virtual offices have made it easier for the businesses to expand their customer base in capital markets. LinkedIn provides opportunity to access virtual jobs.

LinkedIn Is More Active Than Other Platforms

LinkedIn offers a more professional work environment. The people on LinkedIn can be distributed into two categories. The first category is of the people who actively use LinkedIn on regular basis. The second category is of people who made their LinkedIn profiles and forgot.

Unlike other social media networks, LinkedIn either lands you a response within a week, or never. This means, that you can clearly map out your hunt for finding new employees for your company, or jobs if you are not an employer.

It Offers A Variety of Options

Virtual employment has changed the recruitment patterns. Today, you don’t need to send your resume to hundreds of offices. At LinkedIn, you can search a wide variety of jobs and apply to only those jobs that meet your requirement.

Why SEO is Important on LinkedIn?

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn has its own algorithmic process of optimizing the profiles. If you are an employer, then LinkedIn SEO will optimize your business profile. This way, the cream talent can view and apply to your jobs and get recruited. Simply put, SEO on LinkedIn connects the cream talent in the market with the employers.

On the other hand, if you are hunting for a job then optimizing your profile on LinkedIn will make your profile more visible to the most suitable jobs. At LinkedIn, you can dream of getting hired in your favorite company, even if it is located past oceans.

SEO on LinkedIn is a little more technical than optimizing your social media profiles. However, once you optimize your profile on LinkedIn, you will earn all the benefits including these, which we have mentioned here.

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Why You Always Fail To Improve SEO Rank?

In the fast-changing world of IT, SEO is a promising element that has proven its potential since the early days of the internet. To improve SEO rank, you can focus on building new content or revamp your old content.

SEO is complicated mainly because it has defined sets of rules. The search engine crawlers analyze your content and mark it as blacklisted if you use blackhat SEO techniques. Are you using white hat SEO techniques and still failing to improve your SEO rank? Here, have a look on the common reasons behind the failure.

Be Wise With Your Anchor Text

The ideal way to improve your SEO rank is to link your website with other relevant websites. The ‘text’ you use to link with other websites is called anchor text. A common mistake in SEO is to link the similar keyword or anchor text with various websites.

For example, if you want to optimize your website for a keyword ‘improve SEO rank’, and you link 10 websites with the keyword in four different articles, then it will look wise ‘apparently’. The rank of your website will also shoot from 2nd or 3rd page of search engine to the 1st page.

However, as you continue linking the websites with similar anchor text, the search engine crawlers will mark your website blacklisted for that specific keyword. Ultimately, the rank of your website will lose its position on the search engine.

How you can be wise with the anchor text, you ask? There are two techniques. Firstly, make a list of keywords on MS Excel. Use one keyword to link twice only. After that, mark that keyword on the Excel file so that you do not reuse it. The second technique is called keyword stemming.

If you believe that the keyword is highly important to optimize your website, then think about its associated keywords/stems. For example, if you keyword is ‘improve SEO rank’, then the stems may include SEO rank improvement, SEO rank improvisation, improve SEO position, etc.

Keep the Balance in Content and Links

The search engines keep a track of your content and the websites linked with your anchor texts. Search engines analyze the quality of your content as well as the quantity. For example, if you upload hundreds of content pieces every month, but hyperlink only a few of them, then Google will not index a majority of your content pieces.

When we talk about keeping the balance in content and links, we talk about upgrading your links and content simultaneously. The exact ratio of balance between the two is unknown.

Finally, we cannot forget about the metas. Add keywords in the metas. Create a 60-character title for your content including the keyword. Use short-tail keywords only. Do not stuff your meta description with keywords.

Do not copy the content from the article to put in the meta description. Write unique content for meta description and use the keyword once only to improve SEO rank of your website.

3 SEO Rules to Become the King of Google

3 SEO Rules to Become the King of GoogleThere is no specific definition of effective SEO, because SEO rules have seismically improvised in recent years. The content investors and marketers need to keep an eye on current SEO rules and revamp the old content or curate new content in a way that bodes well with the needs of modern SEO. If you want your website to dominate Google and other search engines in 2017 then you need to stick with the following rules of SEO for Google.

1.      Reliable Authority Profile

A strong backlinking strategy has significantly changed, becoming authority profile building in SEO for Google. When you hyperlink your content to link it with another URL, you need to make sure that the authority link is reliable and relevant. There are two key points to remember when building authority profile:

  • Firstly, not all links should fall in the same domain. This means that not all authority links should land the visitor on the same website. You need to put variety.
  • Secondly, the authority links should land the visitors on reliable pages. In this regard, Google bows to the educational website. URLs ending at .edu and .info are highly preferred.

The choice of keywords for interlinking is also essential. Choose the keywords that are unique from the primary and secondary keywords. You can use keyword-stemming technique for distribution. If you want to link your content with content from your own site then build authority link at the end of the content, or somewhere in between the content once only.

2.      Improved User Experience

There are two types of user experiences in this regard:

  • The visitors scan your content in shortest possible time. If your content is well-distributed, defined, and easy-to-scan, the audience will return to your webpages. Google translates the return of visitors to your webpages as good quality content. It automatically optimizes your website.
  • The second user experience is based on the user-interface design. Websites, which require a lot of loading time, are automatically brought down to lower ranks on Google. According to recent research, website with mobile-optimized designs are optimized 40% more than the website that are not mobile-optimized.

Focus on the experience of your website’s visitors. Keep an eye on the bounce rate. Currently, Google makes around 500 algorithmic changes each year. Your website will lose its rank on Google if you do not modify the user experience according to Google’s algorithms.

3.      Be Careful about the Keywords

Content is the king and keyword is the queen. Underuse of keywords will bring your website on lower ranks. The importance of keywords for SEO for Google is undeniable. However, overuse of keywords will put your website in Google’s blacklist. Be careful about the use of keywords. Choose short-tail keywords. Pick a variety of keywords to use in the content. Keyword stemming can help host Google crawlers well. Try to maintain the keyword density at 1%.

Optimizing your website on Google automatically optimizes it on other search engines. The originality of content is essential. Try to be more specific, informative, and genuine when composing your content. If you are looking to outsource your SEO for Google services then none other than Web Traffic can assist you better. Have a look at our services or get in touch to know more.

Why Your Personal/Company Profile is Lagging Behind on LinkedIn? – LinkedIn SEO

LinkedIn SEOSocial media marketing, online profile management, and social media engagement are the branches of search engine optimization. However, due to lack of SEO, your profile may not be making the most of LinkedIn, which is popularly known as the world’s largest online recruitment resource. SEO on LinkedIn is equally important for personal profiles and company profiles.

What is LinkedIn SEO?

SEO on LinkedIn refers to optimizing your LinkedIn profile in order to increase its online visibility. By optimization, your LinkedIn profile receives more views.

Optimization maximizes the B2B and B2C communicative space of your profile and makes it more engaging. It increases the number of views of your profile and enhances the credibility and reliability of your skills for new profile visitors. The boost in number of views opens new doors of opportunities for you and expands your prospective market.

Why SEO is Important for Your LinkedIn Profile?

To understand the importance of SEO for your LinkedIn profile, consider a village with skilled people and shops located in a far-flung area. If the village is connected with the city through a road, the people will receive more customers and clients. SEO on LinkedIn is the primary resource of connecting employers and employees. It is that road to village, which eases B2B and B2C interactions.

For Personal Profiles – The skillful professionals are able to earn more money only if they are hired. When it comes to LinkedIn, the competition is quite evident. A professional, expecting the companies to approach and hire without making their profiles approachable and visible, is nothing less than a pigeon expecting to avoid a cat’s attack by closing its eyes. The companies hire you only if you are ‘accessible’. SEO on LinkedIn is used to increase the accessibility. It puts you ahead of your competitors and paves a way for the employers to reach you.

For Company’s Profile – For companies, the benefits of optimizing LinkedIn profiles are many. An optimized profile of the company receives more views. It helps improve the market reputation of brand and attracts the cream talent. This way, the companies can hire skillful talent within their limited budgets, that too, without interviewing hundreds of candidates.

Some Important Tips to Remember

SEO is an art to fill the gaps that make your LinkedIn profile lag behind. By filling these gaps, you will unleash the maximum potential of your profile and witness the opportunities knocking on your door. Here are a few important tips to remember.

  • The balance of keywords is necessary. If you put too many keywords in your profile, it will not only misguide the visitors of your profile but it will also look tacky to read. Use most important keywords only.
  • Make sure to fill out all fields.
  • Be more specific about your skills. For example, write marketing strategist instead of marketing manager.
  • Use keywords in job title, job description, and summary only.
  • Mention your skill details in bullets or points. You can separate them with symbols also.

LinkedIn is a gateway to maximizing your earnings by getting hands on better opportunities. Therefore, your LinkedIn profile should be optimized by the experts only. Web Traffic is a trusted name in LinkedIn profile management and optimization. We offer highest quality services at economical rates however, the returns you get after optimizing your profile will bring magical opportunities at your door. Waiting another moment takes you away from the opportunities, so get in touch now!


Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement – Social Media Engagement and Optimization

Social Media Engagement and OptimizationCommunication technologies have altered B2C interactions. Today’s audience understands the difference between communicating with the brand owner and a customer service representative, which is why, the social networking forums, especially Facebook and Twitter, have become predominantly popular. Facebook is a great resource of direct B2C and B2B interactions. It helps build strong market representation and brand reputation. It helps increase the brand exposure. However, bringing your audience on the table is one tough task. Social media engagement is a technique of interacting your target audience in a way that not only keeps them hooked but also persuades them for an active response.

Social media engagement and optimization should not be difficult when we have the following ways to manage it.

Human Interest in the Content

Audience response largely depends on the content you share with them. Among many elements of news sharing, human interest is by far the strongest element. Generate content that targets the common interests of a majority of your audience groups.

Brand Responsiveness

Your audience chooses social networks over communicating with your customer representatives because they want to be heard by the upper authorities. Even if you read the comments and feedback of your Facebook audiences regularly, yet the audience needs a proof. Brand responsiveness is the tactic of regularly replying to the messages, comments, and feedback of your customers, making them feel valued and heard. Brand responsiveness is essential for building customer loyalty.


Your content is updated and bodes with the most modern trends of the industry. However, the new leads are unable to find it because of the information overload. Hashtags are used to stand out and become prominent to the new leads. It shows that you are leading hands in hands with the modern industry. It makes your audience believe that they can stay updated by becoming a part of your brand’s family. Twitter started the trend of hashtags but, it has become equally popular and important for Facebook engagement also.

Create Humor

It is an undeniable fact that modern times are more strenuous than ever. Information bombardment, content overload, and uninterrupted spread of news brings stress from outside the national boundaries also. In this perspective, humor is the easy way to release stress. It attracts all kinds of people, from all ages and genders. Create healthy and informative humor. Be focused and avoid stereotyping in content generation.

Guide and Tutorials

Short videos, text guides, and pictorial references can be used to engage your audience in an easy and effective manner. Style guides, cooking guides, parenting tips, and many such niches are used for Facebook engagement. It is essential to generate genuine content for standing out from the crowd. Your brand may lose authenticity and credibility if all the content is shared from other resources. However, sharing content to some extent is recommended in order to build links in the industry.

Facebook engagement requires creativity, quality, and effectiveness in content generation and communication. It increases the rank of your website and social media pages on the search engines by engaging your audience and generating real-time responses. Get in touch with www.webtraffic.co for more information, ideas, consultation, and SEO services.

Top Tips for Pinterest SEO

Top Tips for Pinterest SEOWith 100+ million users, Pinterest has emerged as one of the most important and usable social networking sites. Pinterest caters with a different kind of audience and focuses more on reliable and functional content delivery than interpersonal communications. It builds networks of people having mutual interest. Pinterest is an ideal platform for new lead establishment, business promotion, social media marketing, building loyal customer base, business-to-business relationship building, and other business gains. You can maximize your business gains by optimizing your Pinterest profile, using following SEO strategies.

Improve Profile

Catering Pinterest audience is tougher than dealing with audiences on other platforms. At Pinterest, a specific kind of audience will land on your profile. The competition is already tough due to Pinterest saturation. Therefore, your profile, which works as the landing page, builds the first impression, converting a visitor into a lead. Improve your profile by providing relevant descriptions about your business. A direct, simple, and memorable username is important to reflect the genre of your business. Changing the username on Pinterest is easy. Simply, go to the setting, click on username, and change the existing username to your desired username.

Board Optimization

Now that you have generated a lead on your profile, the next step is to generate the audience’s interest in your business. Dashboard optimization includes all techniques, from design to development, that make your board appealing and interesting. Pick the best pictures of your business to mark them as featured images on the board. Organize them neatly. Choose precise but appealing titles for each picture. A clever, playful and funny title is always catchy and builds the audience’s interest. After building the title, incorporate short keywords to optimize the pictures.

Optimize Pins

You can optimize pins according to the instructions provided by Pinterest. Always use high quality images. Pinterest is mobile-optimized platform however, your board may look distractive if your pins are not well organized. By uploading vertical images, you can improve the personality of pins on small screens like mobile phones.

Incorporate Keywords in the Descriptions

Descriptions can make or break the game of your Pinterest business. Write catchy and interesting descriptions that keep the customer hooked. The description should provide all essential information about the product. Use fancy words for describing the products but make sure that the vocabulary you use, is easily understandable by maximum audience. After finishing the description, incorporate keywords in it, while ensuring that the description looks neat and natural. Do not stock keywords in the description. Use short keywords. Avoid using more than two keywords in one description. You can upload multiple pictures of one product and use different keywords to describe each picture.

The use of keywords and hashtags carries prime value on Pinterest. According to Pinterest community guidelines, using natural keywords is agreeable. However, the description of products should be clear, precise, and informative. According to the guidelines, avoid using hashtags or lots of keywords in the description as it kills the quality of content. For more information or business assistance, contact WebTraffic.

Tips to Keep Your Twitter Game Up In 2017!

Tips to Keep Your Twitter Game Up In 2017!While each social media platform has its own kind of specialty, Twitter specializes in being one of the most trustworthy social media platforms, offering great opportunities of social media marketing to the businesses. The results of SEO on Twitter are unique from SEO on other social media platforms. It optimizes your sales, maximizes your business exposure to potential leads, and improves the quality of experience for the loyal customer base. Following SEO tips will help you keeping your Twitter game up in 2017.

Improve Your Bio or Profile

The bio or profile description on Twitter functions like the landing page of your website. The visitors of your profile conceive your brand image according to the description given on your Twitter profile’s bio. Therefore, before implementing advance SEO tactics for Twitter, improve your profile or bio description in perspective of your brand image. It is essential to improve the ‘first impression’ of your brand.

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Posts

Google is now ranking your tweets on the search engine ranking pages SERPs. Keywords have always been the king of content. To optimize your tweets on search engines, use relevant keywords naturally. Avoid stuffing keywords in your content. Avoid long-tailed keywords in your tweets to keep the overall tone and expression of your tweet natural. Use customer-engaging keywords to increase your re-tweets. Every time your audience re-tweets your tweets, the chances of SEO improve.

Improve Consistent Branding

Consistent branding refers to entertaining your loyal customers, or those customers who regularly visit the social media pages of your brand. To improve consistent branding, make sure that your username and handle on Twitter are similar or relevant to each other. Your brand handle is included in your Twitter URL also. You need to be careful about your username and handle. Your Twitter profile is not affected if you change its username. However, if you have received a verification badge on Twitter, then you may lose it by changing the handle name. Also, if you use a lot of numbers or digits in your username, then Twitter may mark it as spam.

Include Google Markup Code

When you search the name of some brands on Google, the right side of your display screen shows the social media profiles of these brands. It happens when you include Google’s Markup Code in your social media profiles. Pick the codes of social media profiles from Google Developers site and put them in your social media profiles. Aside Twitter, you can also put these codes in your other social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Be Responsive

Twitter is considered a bridge that builds a link between brands and its customers. Your customers can send you letters or emails but they want to communicate directly with the brand. Therefore, they expect responsiveness and responsibility from you. Consistent responsiveness is beneficial for encouraging re-tweets and strengthening your B2C bond. Try to reply to the tweets and queries of your customers and encourage communication and feedback.

Twitter is a strong resource for finding new customers and improving the social media presence of your brand. Your customers trust Twitter more than any other social media platform. Therefore, make sure that your Twitter account is managed by responsible hands. WebTraffic is a reliable name, known for managing SEO for Twitter and other social networking sites and helping you boost your business gains.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Squidoo SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Squidoo SEOSquidoo is among the most underrated social networks in the world. However, it is a gem, a diamond in the world of social networking. Squidoo offers thousands of tools to webmasters and online marketers for driving real-time, loyal traffic to their websites. Squidoo allows its users to create a lens, which is a webpage.

The best thing about Squidoo is that each lens or webpage is a unique topic, which means that when you open a lens, you will cater to your specifically required audience only. This is how Squidoo allows you to get in touch with unlimited targeted audiences in a few clicks. The experts share their opinion on lenses. Squidoo.com hosts all Squidoo lenses. Considering its benefits, you might be wondering if it charges you a lot to use or create a lens? To your surprise, Squidoo is 100% free. In fact, it allows you to earn money with advertisements. So, here is your ultimate guide for improving SEO on Squidoo and driving more traffic to your website from Squidoo.

Select the Right Bundles of Keywords

Squidoo does not restrict you in the use of keywords, like Pinterest and Twitter. However, the selection of the right types of keywords is the key to rank higher on Squidoo. It is a saturated platform. Therefore, if you choose highly competitive keywords, your lens will not rank higher on Squidoo. Use the keyword hunting tools provided by Google. Search the keywords with low competition, but high volume. Incorporate these keywords in the content of your Squidoo lens and witness the humongous amounts of traffic driving to your website.

Create a Strategy for Your Lens

The uniqueness of your content is the bonus for Squidoo SEO. We have explained the keyword selection strategy. For lens-mapping, write a unique and catchy title for your lens. More audience will be attracted to your lens if it promises a benefit for them. Module titles are H2 tags. Use effective keywords here. It should be informative. You may make it catchy, but it is not necessary. For primary tag, use the keyword with highest volume and lowest competition. Enhance the quality of lens by using all tools provided by Squidoo. Create a quiz or competition. Update your lens frequently. Add an RSS feed widget. Engage your readers by positioning your lens in an effective manner.

Lens Promotion

The operations of Squidoo are quite similar to Google. You can build links and promote your lens by guest posting. You can build business links with other Squidoo webmasters without spending a penny. Avoid purchasing links for link building. You can use hyperlinking technique to expand your network.

You will require some time and dedication to optimize your lenses on Squidoo. However, once you have optimized the lens, you will see the traffic driving to your website without making any further changes in the lens. Squidoo may require some time to build up and optimize but it is a lifetime investment that keeps feeding your website. For more guidance, tips, and business assistance, get in touch with WebTraffic.

Smart Techniques to Boost Your Audience on YouTube in 2017

Smart Techniques to Boost Your Audience on YouTube in 2017SEO strategies are implemented to boost traffic on your website. However, simple SEO techniques may drive irrelevant audience to your website. Irrelevant audience will exit your website soon after visiting the landing page, which increases the bounce rate. Many times, the SEO experts are unable to determine that the ranking of their website on search engine is not up to the mark due to the audience driven from wrong sources. Social media forums like Twitter and FaceBook are used to drive relevant audience to your website. Even on these forums, the chances of receiving irrelevant audience are high. YouTube is the only source which always drives relevant, organic, and responsive audience to your landing pages.

In order to increase the relevant audience received on your landing page, you need to increase the audience received on your YouTube channel. Following techniques are helpful in boosting the audience on YouTube.

Use Keywords in the Title of the Video

Video title needs to be simple and self-explanatory. Your audience searches YouTube videos just like they search content on the search engines. The title of the video should be short and based on keywords with highest search results.

  1. Type the keyword on popular search engine. Let the search engine complete the title. For example, when you type a keyword on Google, it completes the title in 3–4 sets. The title on top is the most searched one.
  2. After that, type the keyword on YouTube search bar and let YouTube complete the title.
  3. Combine titles from the search engine and YouTube to create an appealing and keyword-rich title for your video.

Use Keywords in the Video Description

The description of your YouTube video is as important as the description of an article or blog. Write highest-ranking keywords in the first three sentences of the description. Long descriptions are effective for adding more than two keywords for better ranking. Make sure to write the keywords in organic and natural way.

Rename the Video File

People search the videos not only by the title but also by the software used to play them. All the files uploaded on YouTube are mostly watched on it, without requiring a software application. However, the technique of renaming the video file before uploading it is used to target highest responsive audience, potent to download the video. People in this category search the videos with title + format including mp4, avi, and others. To rename the file, write the title of file, write underscore (_), and write the format.

Add Tags in the Description

Above all, don’t forget to add the keywords at the end of the description. If you have used highest searched keywords in the meat of description then try targeting other keywords at the end of description.

Keywords play a key role in putting your YouTube videos on higher ranks and driving relevant, more responsive traffic to your website. Use precise keywords to make the description more informative. For further information and consultation about YouTube SEO, contact www.webtraffic.co, a trusted name in online marketing and SEO.


How to Improve SEO Rank on Search Engines Without Losing Your Mind

How to Improve SEO Rank on Search Engines Without Losing Your MindSEO is probably the most energy-wrenching term in cyber world. While some companies outsource their SEO services, others prefer hiring in-house SEO experts or online marketers for improving the search engine ranking of their website. During early days of cyber life, SEO was not as complex as it is today. Now, the search engines, especially Google, change the algorithm every now and then, making it complex for businesses to handle their in-house SEO operations. Here, we have top tips to rank better on search engines without taking its pressure on your nerves.

Improve Website Usability

The modern SEO largely depends on the quality of user experience. Receiving new leads is not as tough as it used to be. However, decreasing the bounce rate and converting these leads into customers is definitely a challenge now. Website usability defines the quality of user experience. It is based on five components including:

  • The efficiency of your website to serve its customers as per their requirements.
  • The effectiveness of your website to provide information about the products or services that its visitors require.
  • The effectiveness of your website to build a bond with the user and become memorable.
  • The effectiveness of your website in helping the user learn something from your website. Learnability is important to make your brand memorable and more usable for the visitors.
  • Development efficiency, which refers to preventing error in your website’s design, development, and support to ensure 100% positive user experience.

Website usability is essential for user engagement. The more your users spend time on your website, the better is their experience. The chances of selling your products or services also increase equally.

Improve the Quality of Content

Content includes multimedia, from text content to pictures, videos, GIFs, animations, and more. In modern web presence, content is used to improve the user experience by building stories and developing a unique brand image of your business. Use high quality images and videos to improve the user experience. The text content should range above 1000 words. Make sure to maintain high quality of the content. The content should be backed by research and facts. General promotional taglines like ‘The best in the world’ do not affect the user experience now. Curating good content is nothing less than finding a needle in a haystack. Use simple, easy-to-understand language that caters with all types of visitors, of all ages.

Loading Speed

Initially, the loading speed of your website only affected the bounce rate. Today, it affects the ranking of your website on search engines. Google does not optimize the websites with slow loading speed. You can improve the speed of your website by reducing the load of images, compressing the size of high quality images, using simpler web designs, and acquiring effective server support.

SEO is an art. It is used not only for optimizing your ranking on search engines but it is also used to build new networks of audiences. For highest quality SEO techniques, get in touch with WebTraffic, known for SEO quality and quantity at best affordable rates.