The Ultimate Guide to Improving Squidoo SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Squidoo SEOSquidoo is among the most underrated social networks in the world. However, it is a gem, a diamond in the world of social networking. Squidoo offers thousands of tools to webmasters and online marketers for driving real-time, loyal traffic to their websites. Squidoo allows its users to create a lens, which is a webpage.

The best thing about Squidoo is that each lens or webpage is a unique topic, which means that when you open a lens, you will cater to your specifically required audience only. This is how Squidoo allows you to get in touch with unlimited targeted audiences in a few clicks. The experts share their opinion on lenses. hosts all Squidoo lenses. Considering its benefits, you might be wondering if it charges you a lot to use or create a lens? To your surprise, Squidoo is 100% free. In fact, it allows you to earn money with advertisements. So, here is your ultimate guide for improving SEO on Squidoo and driving more traffic to your website from Squidoo.

Select the Right Bundles of Keywords

Squidoo does not restrict you in the use of keywords, like Pinterest and Twitter. However, the selection of the right types of keywords is the key to rank higher on Squidoo. It is a saturated platform. Therefore, if you choose highly competitive keywords, your lens will not rank higher on Squidoo. Use the keyword hunting tools provided by Google. Search the keywords with low competition, but high volume. Incorporate these keywords in the content of your Squidoo lens and witness the humongous amounts of traffic driving to your website.

Create a Strategy for Your Lens

The uniqueness of your content is the bonus for Squidoo SEO. We have explained the keyword selection strategy. For lens-mapping, write a unique and catchy title for your lens. More audience will be attracted to your lens if it promises a benefit for them. Module titles are H2 tags. Use effective keywords here. It should be informative. You may make it catchy, but it is not necessary. For primary tag, use the keyword with highest volume and lowest competition. Enhance the quality of lens by using all tools provided by Squidoo. Create a quiz or competition. Update your lens frequently. Add an RSS feed widget. Engage your readers by positioning your lens in an effective manner.

Lens Promotion

The operations of Squidoo are quite similar to Google. You can build links and promote your lens by guest posting. You can build business links with other Squidoo webmasters without spending a penny. Avoid purchasing links for link building. You can use hyperlinking technique to expand your network.

You will require some time and dedication to optimize your lenses on Squidoo. However, once you have optimized the lens, you will see the traffic driving to your website without making any further changes in the lens. Squidoo may require some time to build up and optimize but it is a lifetime investment that keeps feeding your website. For more guidance, tips, and business assistance, get in touch with WebTraffic.

Smart Techniques to Boost Your Audience on YouTube in 2017

Smart Techniques to Boost Your Audience on YouTube in 2017SEO strategies are implemented to boost traffic on your website. However, simple SEO techniques may drive irrelevant audience to your website. Irrelevant audience will exit your website soon after visiting the landing page, which increases the bounce rate. Many times, the SEO experts are unable to determine that the ranking of their website on search engine is not up to the mark due to the audience driven from wrong sources. Social media forums like Twitter and FaceBook are used to drive relevant audience to your website. Even on these forums, the chances of receiving irrelevant audience are high. YouTube is the only source which always drives relevant, organic, and responsive audience to your landing pages.

In order to increase the relevant audience received on your landing page, you need to increase the audience received on your YouTube channel. Following techniques are helpful in boosting the audience on YouTube.

Use Keywords in the Title of the Video

Video title needs to be simple and self-explanatory. Your audience searches YouTube videos just like they search content on the search engines. The title of the video should be short and based on keywords with highest search results.

  1. Type the keyword on popular search engine. Let the search engine complete the title. For example, when you type a keyword on Google, it completes the title in 3–4 sets. The title on top is the most searched one.
  2. After that, type the keyword on YouTube search bar and let YouTube complete the title.
  3. Combine titles from the search engine and YouTube to create an appealing and keyword-rich title for your video.

Use Keywords in the Video Description

The description of your YouTube video is as important as the description of an article or blog. Write highest-ranking keywords in the first three sentences of the description. Long descriptions are effective for adding more than two keywords for better ranking. Make sure to write the keywords in organic and natural way.

Rename the Video File

People search the videos not only by the title but also by the software used to play them. All the files uploaded on YouTube are mostly watched on it, without requiring a software application. However, the technique of renaming the video file before uploading it is used to target highest responsive audience, potent to download the video. People in this category search the videos with title + format including mp4, avi, and others. To rename the file, write the title of file, write underscore (_), and write the format.

Add Tags in the Description

Above all, don’t forget to add the keywords at the end of the description. If you have used highest searched keywords in the meat of description then try targeting other keywords at the end of description.

Keywords play a key role in putting your YouTube videos on higher ranks and driving relevant, more responsive traffic to your website. Use precise keywords to make the description more informative. For further information and consultation about YouTube SEO, contact, a trusted name in online marketing and SEO.


How to Improve SEO Rank on Search Engines Without Losing Your Mind

How to Improve SEO Rank on Search Engines Without Losing Your MindSEO is probably the most energy-wrenching term in cyber world. While some companies outsource their SEO services, others prefer hiring in-house SEO experts or online marketers for improving the search engine ranking of their website. During early days of cyber life, SEO was not as complex as it is today. Now, the search engines, especially Google, change the algorithm every now and then, making it complex for businesses to handle their in-house SEO operations. Here, we have top tips to rank better on search engines without taking its pressure on your nerves.

Improve Website Usability

The modern SEO largely depends on the quality of user experience. Receiving new leads is not as tough as it used to be. However, decreasing the bounce rate and converting these leads into customers is definitely a challenge now. Website usability defines the quality of user experience. It is based on five components including:

  • The efficiency of your website to serve its customers as per their requirements.
  • The effectiveness of your website to provide information about the products or services that its visitors require.
  • The effectiveness of your website to build a bond with the user and become memorable.
  • The effectiveness of your website in helping the user learn something from your website. Learnability is important to make your brand memorable and more usable for the visitors.
  • Development efficiency, which refers to preventing error in your website’s design, development, and support to ensure 100% positive user experience.

Website usability is essential for user engagement. The more your users spend time on your website, the better is their experience. The chances of selling your products or services also increase equally.

Improve the Quality of Content

Content includes multimedia, from text content to pictures, videos, GIFs, animations, and more. In modern web presence, content is used to improve the user experience by building stories and developing a unique brand image of your business. Use high quality images and videos to improve the user experience. The text content should range above 1000 words. Make sure to maintain high quality of the content. The content should be backed by research and facts. General promotional taglines like ‘The best in the world’ do not affect the user experience now. Curating good content is nothing less than finding a needle in a haystack. Use simple, easy-to-understand language that caters with all types of visitors, of all ages.

Loading Speed

Initially, the loading speed of your website only affected the bounce rate. Today, it affects the ranking of your website on search engines. Google does not optimize the websites with slow loading speed. You can improve the speed of your website by reducing the load of images, compressing the size of high quality images, using simpler web designs, and acquiring effective server support.

SEO is an art. It is used not only for optimizing your ranking on search engines but it is also used to build new networks of audiences. For highest quality SEO techniques, get in touch with WebTraffic, known for SEO quality and quantity at best affordable rates.

How SEO Changes in 2017 – Top Trends

How SEO Changes in 2017  - Top Trends2016 was the fiercest trend-setter for SEO. With increasing use of smaller screens, not only did the web designs change but the entire anatomy of SEO also changed. However, content remained the king. Now that 2017 has arrived, it is time to talk about the new trends and the best bets of the year. You ask from 100 different SEO experts about the new trends, and you will surely get 100 different answers. The best thing about SEO industry is that it comes up with unique surprises and unveils new techniques of optimization. It brings variety and challenges to inspire us and motivate the webmasters to improve their SEO strategies. Have a look at the top SEO trends in 2017.

Google’s AMP

2017 will prove to be the decision-making year for Google’s AMP. Google had launched Accelerated Mobile Pages project in 2016 to improve the web experiences of mobile users. The initiative was based on building better web experiences by enhancing the quality of content for smaller screens. Simple rules, lighter versions of software applications, and engaging storylines define the concept of user experience in AMP. However, the project is in the initial stages of acceptance. 2017 will prove it to be a success or fad. AMP might become the future of web development if it gets successful this year.

Structural Changes in Algorithm

Just two months before 2017, Google shook up the entire webmaster community, revealing that Redirect will not affect PageRank of the websites. The webmasters finally blew the breath of freedom of using Redirect links. However, the webmasters who have been working in SEO industry for a good time, understand that redirects actually harm the ranking of websites by passing topical relevance through anchor text. 2017 will show up new updates on redirect. Another important structural change expected in 2017 is of fixing HTTPs. For around two years, the webmasters have focused on HTTPs for improving the ranking on search engines. However, slightest errors in HTTPs programming can lead to serious harm to your website’s ranking.

Local Citation for Regional Marketing

We have always been told that citation is the key to local business. However, the strength and volume of citation is not as important as it is considered for regional or local business. The unquestionable leaders, that help improve local market penetration and business generations, are backlinks. In 2017, the SEO masters will focus on building right backlinks traditionally. The webmasters will focus on high quality resources for backlinking. As social networks have largely distributed different genres of audiences, the webmasters will also focus on the right type of search engine for ranking higher.

2017 will also define the length of content, required for SEO. Google is now optimizing text content with 1000+ words. At the same time, Google and other search engines optimize direct answers i.e. the summary of answer in to-the-point manner. If you are planning to prepare your SEO strategy for 2017 then get in touch with WebTraffic for guidance and business assistance.

A Step by Step Guide to SEO on Reddit

A Step by Step Guide to SEO on RedditPromotion, influence, reach, and community integration are the terms associated with Reddit. After 2014, Reddit emerged as a mainstream resource to drive new ideas and headline. Now, it is known as a key source of online traffic also. For SEO on Reddit, it is essential to learn the community etiquette and get recognized as a legitimate member of the Reddit community. Therefore, the first step to SEO on Reddit is based on building your Reddit reputation.

The Community’s Interest

Reddit’s community is interested in text content. They are the real readers, which makes SEO apparently easier on Reddit. However, the community is pleased with humor, sarcasm, and interesting facts. You need to build and incorporate SEO strategies in your content in a way that the natural tone and expression of the content is maintained.

For building reputation in the community, the Reddit marketer uses subreddits. Have a look at the popular subreddits.

IAMA – It is a part of Reddit’s community. Here, you can share a lot of interesting content with people. The Reddit community shares unique experiences here and asks questions. You can ask any kind of question from any IAMA contributor without being kicked out. The community support is available here. By sharing interesting experiences and asking relevant questions, you can build a good reputation in the community.

Askreddit – It is also a subreddit. Here, you can ask any type of question from the community. You can generate interesting threads here by asking a CTA-question. For example, if you ask that what was the biggest government deceit of your generation, you will not only receive contributions from the Reddit community but you will also build reputation and links.

TIL – Today I Learned or TIL is the common slang in Reddit community. You can use this word while describing a story or asking a question. The use of TIL shows that you are well aware of the community guidelines.

Build SEO Links

Building a reputation on Reddit is the most important part of SEO on Reddit. Now, that you have built the reputation, the next step is to share the SEO-based content,

  • You can share infographics. Avoid sharing infographics based on politics or marketing content. Choose humor and interesting stories to share in the infographics.
  • Any kind of video profile that discusses your contribution or highlights your brand can be shared on Reddit. You can share a video interview or customer story.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions. Relevant and research-based questions tend to generate more traffic.

Consider the Time

Reddit is an active community. Thousands of posts are shared on it every day. When you share something on Reddit, it remains active for around 10 hours. After that, the post receives lesser traffic. Consider the time when sharing your content on Reddit. Ideally, you should share at least one thing every five hours to drive traffic.

Reputation building requires serious strategy making and marketing skills. is an ideal platform to improve your reputation on Reddit. Get in touch now!